The new album The Family Songbook is out!  

August 4, 2020

The struggle to create

The release date for "The Family Songbook" 10/10/2020. See how you can support the release here. And a little something I wrote about generations and creative struggles:

The new album is all about family. Songs from my heart about my family and what they have taught me about this life. The one thing that I think stands out as a theme in this work, is that the 'good life' is a rich life. And, I don't mean benjamins, I mean riches of the heart, of course.

I wish those riches came from just being happy all the time, from everything working out all the time, but that is not true in my experience.

I tried running from the pains and struggles, I tried gaming the game, I tried cramming enough chemicals and alcohol in my blood to be content; I tried everything, in the end, I found I was running from what life was offering me—A life!

A 'life' is all the above. It is pain, it is joy, it is failure, it is trauma, it is hope, it is struggle and it is beautiful. All these things are the riches I desire. I accept them all or I leave without a dime.

My daughter has joined me on this album and on another project we're working on now. That is rich.

I think of my own parent's struggles in music & life. They struggled and pulled themselves through decades of failures, and pulled us through poverty and hard times—but held on tight to their musical hearts all the way. We grew up drenched in music. As has my son & daughter.

Did my parents know that they did all that for a (future) grandchild(ren) who would carry on their legacy?

Did I know that I went through the wringer in my music and life, so that my daughter could grow up in the midst of music?

Did we (my parents and I) know that we were only mining the thin veins of gold to enjoy the riches with a new generation? I didn't know. I just wanted to get my album done and someone to give me a fuck'n break!

And my daughter, she now picks up the struggles with a courage to create. Who will reap the dividends of her struggle? And what riches will she give to some unknown future grandchild? Or to you?
Who knows… that is one more golden coin in the riches of life—the mystery of it all!

image by Siouxsie Reyes McCoy

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