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April 7, 2021

Songs in a key of nature

Songs In A Key Of Nature

A playlist of songs I wrote that in some way reference nature, or take place in a scene of nature either metaphorically or in reality. I have recently returned to spending a lot of time in nature.

I say 'returned' because we moved to the big city when I was a teen, and even if I was tucked away in a small town now and then; I was well emerged in the city mind set. I've enjoyed getting out of it. Tossing the smart phone for a flip phone I can never locate when it's ringing. Deleting most of my social accounts and re-thinking my relationship with this computer.

I forgot something that is as much apart of me as music. The hints have always been in my songs. I didn't realize how much I missed being alone in windy fields or on a quiet beach (that is more rare), or in forest alone with nothing but the trees, the birds and my thoughts. Being alone + Nature, that's the thing I missed but didn't know it.

I could go further back in the catalogue but I'll stick with mostly albums from the last decade and add more as I find them.

Folk Rock nature life southern-rock songwriter texas

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