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April 7, 2021

Parables a Father and Daughter Duet From The Family Songbook

Introducing Cozi, my daughter on this duet.

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Never trade your promise for regret
The day you do your laying down a bet
That someones going to hold you when you're old
Let’s hope that human kindness doesn’t fold

Brother, it’s a wild and wary game
Then we count up the pieces that remain

Love will burn then bury you
Hearts will break then carry you
Truth will teach her song to you
As we walk our wild and weary way back home

These bridges were built by engineers
These lips could burn in days what took them years
Be careful when you reach for that last word
The last one is the only one they heard

Oh, Sister, it’s a long-forgotten tale
The lonely one is writing for himself

Love will burn, then bury you
Hearts will break then carry you
Truth will teach her song to you
As we walk our wild and weary way back home

An Elephants will always be your friend
The question is will you remember him
Never teach a bear karate
He’ll punch in the neck and break your body
Teach him how to care
Then he’ll learn to share
Take you out for dinner
Yah, he’ll take me everywhere

Sister, it’s a wild and weary road
Then we count up all the pieces that we sold
So, hang a sign and write it not for sale
These precious little items on the shelf

And sing Love burn bright, then set me free
Heart be strong and carry me
Truth, tonight, sing your song for me
As I walk my wild and weary way back home

Video Credits Videography - Siouxsie Mccoy Hayden Vancil - The Karate Bear, The Elephant Thanks to Eliot for locations Editor - Ezra Music Credits Produced, Engineer, Acoustic Guitar by Ezra Vancil Written by Ezra / Cozi Vancil Vocals - Cozi Vancil & Ezra Bass – Jonathan Estes Drums – Chris Brush Keyboards - Ezra Vancil Mixed By – Marc Frigo Mastered By – John Armstrong

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