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August 1, 2020

My Conspiracy

I personally have a strong proclivity for getting wrapped up in the plot given to us by the world and its media, so I have to set aside time each day to be quiet and remind myself that I have a plot of my own, which is the real plot of my life. And, with whatever circumstance or freedoms or barrier or slogans those outside (us) provide, the plot of (our) my life is the only plot (we) I have power to effect. 

So putting all conspiracy aside, I create my own conspiracy, conspiring with others on a regular bases to directly effect the hearts and minds of those in front of me, and those who listen to my song; To point these songs like arrows toward the inner personal life (the real stuff) and remind everyone that Is in earshot, that the true life is that life inside of you individually, YOUR hurts, YOUR pains, YOUR shames, YOUR guilt and innocence, YOUR beauty, YOUR struggles and YOUR glories, YOUR lover and YOUR family—that is the true life, the true plot that is being written for you and by you. 

My conspiracy has a slogan too; YOUR life matters, take care to live it today—and not let someone else live it for you; for their public spectacles and cultural ritual! 

Take heed of those masses and powers who seek to make you a character in THIER plot. Those that would make you (at your consent) a sacrifice to THIER own ‘personal gods.’

Only a fool concerns himself with the guilt/shame of others, for he can do nothing about it. Our own struggles are sufficient for the day. To each their own, and each will walk alone in the end, ‘work out your own salvation.’ 

When we will look to that personal inner work that we must attend to, we work towards a better world for all those around us. As we face our own weaknesses with courage, faith, sweat and blood, we strengthen all those around us with our courage, faith, sweat and blood. This is the way of nature. All growth grows out from the center, from the seed. 

Turn from this world, and face yourself, face yourself in your wife or husband, face yourself in your children and friends and neighbours—Face yourself in those who stand right in front of you everyday, face yourself in the creators sight, that is the space we have been given to effect the world. 

Will we effect our personal plot? Or will we just reflect the personal plot of someone else? 

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