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One Magical Night

Watch & Listen to the Live from the deep; 10 songs, recorded live to analog. Featuring the congregation and band. Recorded in Deep Ellum, Dallas Texas.
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House & Private Concerts

I love private shows and 'house concerts' as they are called. I'll go out of my way for these one of kind expereinces. Learn More below...  

Private Promoted Shows

In 2018 I decided to put my focus entirely on House Concerts and privately promoted concerts. That means, it is pretty rare to see me perform on a Friday night lineup at a local venue.

A Real Experience 

At one point, I looked back over many years of music venues, clubs, bars and the like, and realized that I could barely remember the shows in those loud concrete bars ... and worse; I was not sure what the point was of those shows. What did I take home and send others back with? I don't know.. I think a hangover most nights.

House Concert

What did become significant long term memories for me and others, was house concerts—both the planned and the unplanned livingroom shows. There was something about these events that had a real meaning to me and the people involved.
In these more informal situations, I can express my music in a way I never found possible in situations with a band behind me, and my voice blasting over the loudspeakers. I realized I was not putting on a show in people's livingrooms. I was just me: Ezra, a very flawed guy whose been on a quest to fit life in a song and sharing what I found.

Bring Ezra to your  House or Area

How do you bring one of these concerts to your area? We have found several ways to make it work for many; no matter the crowd size or budget.

If your interested and willing, it's as easy as getting in contact with me or my team below. It's not a real formal process, we just figure out how to make it happen. Maybe it's routed on tour, or perhaps there is another way to put all the pieces together.

Getting Started

You can send an email to or call (970) 480-1695‬ and leave a message. Or, grab Ezra's ear or someone from the team at a show and let them know your interest.


From The Deep

Peace On The Morning

Carried nothing on am warrant towards.

If I Didn't Know God Is Good

Carried nothing on am warrant towards.

Love Is A War

Carried nothing on am warrant towards.


Carried nothing on am warrant towards.

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Live From The Deep Recorded Live TO Analog With The Congregation 
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