The Family Songbook

The new studio album from Ezra Vancil
"...overall one of the finest releases in 2020 from any genre." - mobangeles.com
"...The Family Songbook stands as one of the most important releases in 2020." - the hollywood digest
"...Ezra Vancil’s The Family Songbook is a work without peer." - indiepulsemusic.com
"It’s clear he took a great deal of care with each aspect of the recording and it pays off with deeply satisfying results." - Colin Jordan
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Wills Session to Gypsy Tree
Ezra's Career in music spans across several decades, starting with his teenage band Gypsy Tree and moving forward through lead man in regionally successful bands such as the producer duo, Ezra/Thomas. The premium supporter pass gets you into the shed where you can enjoy all the releases + 100's of unreleased and bootleg material.
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Promise Land


Old Friends

Unreleased Covers

Live From The Deep

With The Congregation 

Sinners & Slaves

With Jeff Stanley
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