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March 5, 2020

Ezra Vancil moves on to ???? finalist in two positions ISC Inbox x

Last week it was announced Ezra had garnered four spots in the semi-finals at the 2019 ISC, a prestigious international songwriter award. This year's judges are headed up by Coldplay and Tom Waits. 

Two songs moved on to the finals and are now in the hands of the Judges to select a winner of each category. 

Of the two songs one is already released, Settle Down Good. Watch the video here, or stream it on the Deluxe version of the "You" album in your favorite app, click here to find your preferred music service.

And, please follow and share Ezra's artist page, like, love and all that good stuff. 

The other finalist is the track, "Hero Song" which will release in 2020 on Ezra's New Album. While it is not available at this exact moment, if you want to support Ezra Vancil's music-making life, you can join him in his new subscription platform on bandcamp, called "the Shed" The name is a reference to his early Gypsy Tree days at the ranch in Cedar Hill. One song from the NEW album is already an Exclusive download in "The Shed backstage area", and more will be coming, including Hero Song.   

Thanks for your support. We will keep you updated on the New album and the ISC awards outcome. Either way, it's a nice road sign. 

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