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December 21, 2019

Don't Push Me Away - A Love song during divorce

Don't Push Me Away

I thought it was a strange title for a song when I titled it for the album YOU. Previous to the album, it didn't have a title. I wrote it as a conversation—a normal lyrical form for me—directed to my wife to say what I could not put in words. Though I'm someone who writes poetry and music and sometimes novels, frustratingly so, I'm not good at saying what I feel. Especially when I'm hurting. During the last winter of our crumbling marriage though, it wouldn't matter if I was a perfect orator, there was nothing getting through the barrier of our broken love.

I wrote this song with such passion in me that it was mostly written in tears, and like a conversation, I just said it into the song in probably less than an hour. I imagined that she would hear the song, and hear what I was truly trying to say to her (though the words didn't come out right). But she didn't. In fact, she had no patience for it. The divorce issued soon after this writing.

I always like to drop our happy ending though. She made it back to me, I made it back to her and we're happier than we ever thought possible. The album tries to tell some of the lineages of all that in its own coded stories that probably only people who have loved, lost, then loved again can understand.

This one is my bands' (Lori Martin, Kent Smilt Feat. Kimberly Nicole) favorite song to play. I think they feel it live more so than any other songs. I love that about music.. it is sharing a felt moment in time.

The video was shot during our session in Austin at my favorite Austin studio, Congress House

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Don't push me away - Ezra Vancil - You

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Don't Push Me Away

Written By Ezra Vancil (BMI)

try to Imagine, we’re here just for a day
Might as well, because we're passing away
maybe we’d wander in some foreign town
go to an opera, I'd rent you a gown
in all of the chaos
and all gods mistakes
all for tonight and the look on your face
and I'm here,
So why can’t you stay
Touch me I'm lonely
Touch me right there
Show me the part of you
That nobody dares

why play their game
They're just lonely too
baby it’s just me
baby it’s just you

Maybe Jesus
died for the world
All I know is he gave me a girl
And I'm here,
why don’t you stay
let's go to the ocean
and play it a song
don’t care if it's Galveston
That’s where I belong

can’t bare the mountains
they make me feel small
They look down upon you
like they just know it all

This Verse Section not in this edition just thought I'd put it in

Maybe we're stardust
monkeys with cars
all that want is to be in our arms
Cause I'm here, don't push me away

imagine, this is all there is
i don’t think that's true
but sometimes it is
maybe we’d wander through an antique store
make all our plans for a French country decor

Completely broken
falling apart
God's mistakes Gave me your broken heart
And I'm here, you got nothing to say?

try to Imagine, there's just a day
Wouldn't the fear, just go away

Maybe science will figure it out
But I don't care how it all came about
Cause I'm here, with one thing to say
Don’t push me away

Drop D Capo 2 fret
from You, released April 18, 2018
Ezra Vancil Acoustic Guitars, Highstrung Acoustic, Electric, Vocals
Lori Martin Bass
Kimberly Nicole Vocals
Kent Smith Piano & B3
Drums & Percussion Chris Brush
Flute David Castell
Producer Ezra Vancil
Co-Producer David Castell
Executive Producers, Eliot Vancil & Timothy Taylor
Engineer Mark Hallman
Recorded at Congress House Studio In Austin

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