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A: American

Part 4 of the A-Z of EZ Series

About Ezra Vancil Songs From A To Z 

As a fun break from the day-to-day, I'm going back in time and posting each track that has been released (publicly or private promotions) from the past decades. We will go through around 200 tracks from A-Z, the good, bad, and ugly of my music career.
Track 3

A: American: A-Z Pt. 4

! This song is only available on Ezra Vancil Bandcamp 

"Choking on a choice, but that's all that I am"

Today's A-Z song (This is fun. I have not heard these in so long) sadly, never had a studio recording. Even though, it was hands down our most popular live song. Us being, Ezra Thomas.

I'm reminded of what an angry young man I was. Anger is an emotion accessed without much sweat when your young, especially righteous indignation.

I hardly recognize the dude in this song. I've changed so much. 

Some people, I think, thought this was a patriotic song, or attacking some political side.. and that, I can say for sure, it was not.

To my memory that young angry Ezra—in this song—was trying to bash everything of America, and not leave any hiding place— all rotten to the core.

I've never taken a political side. Thinking about it now, my biggest influence in politics was the first novel I ever read, Catcher in the Rye. In fact, that might have influenced everything up until I got sober. "Everything was phony".. even me.

American broke my Martin

This song was always a favorite in the latter days of Ezra/Thomas. It would get wild. One show, I even smashed my very expensive Martin acoustic at the end of it. Damn :/ Wish I still had that.

I remember that it was written in an instant. One of those 'downloaded' songs whereby the time you realize you got a song idea, it's already written.

Now, when that was... I'm unsure. My memory was that I was not yet married which would put it somewhere in the mid 90's .. but I'm often wrong with dates.

The Recording

I don't know why we never recorded this. I think the recording was in the studio when we were just cataloging songs for later recording. The duo (me and Aaron) that kept the Ezra/Thomas project going eventually disband over me being an ass hole.. which I admit now. Aaron has played on several projects since that time though—after we made up.  You can hear him on the Live From The deep album, and on the wills session and several others including Song Before I Go. American is not on bandcamp for download and streaming. 
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