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May 19, 2020

A: All Of The Hours I Sleep — A-Z of EZ pt. 2

Make sure and check out the blooper after the credits.

Welcome to the A-Z of EZ. I thought it would be fun to go down memory lane, a 200's down memory lane. These will be songs that have been released in some manner, be it official, or as bootlegs.

Disclaimer: I have not listened to all the songs, I might cringe so bad that I decide to skip some. I also may skip the perfect order. I'm not sure yet. Also, a lot of the songs I've removed from the web, so these will be special releases for now, and will later be only for the backstage members on my Bandcamp.

All Of The Hours I Sleep

This was a collaboration with piano piece by Pascal Lopez, and added to by Raul Rodriguez, Mauro Clerici, Nicola Offidani, & Simon Lau.

I call this my 80's love tune. That is what it feels like to me. I kind of made the video with that in mind. The video was made many years after the song was recorded. So far, since I've been sober, I put out a special song, or write a special song for my wife and release it on Valentine's Day. This was a few years ago.

When I wrote the top line melody and lyrics for this I was in a hellish phase of life. I had injured my right wrist and had to have surgery to reattach my ligaments. The wound was self-inflicted, and that is all part of my alcoholic years that I won't get into again.

But, during this time, for probably a year or longer, I had problems with my hand. So, I just put the guitar down for the most part. I had never written with anything but my guitar, so I ended up doing a lot of collaborations.

I probably wrote more in this time than any time in my life. It was not all collaborations, I also got into keyboard writing and electronic music.

All of the hours that I sleep, is one of two full co-writes, I think, that I did with Pascal Lopez. The other one was also one of these Valentine day productions.. I hope I can find it and also feature it in a-z.

This song is not released anywhere but youtube. If you want a mp3 I can send you one. Go to contact and email me.

The Video

The video is a slop job. I don't remember the details, but my family was staying at my Father'n laws house, which is all the Gold Records and Stevie Ray Vaughan stuff. He was Stevie's guitar tech as well as just about any who who of The who who.

I love all his music stuff, so I just started filming it. Then I said to my wife, hey get naked and jump in bed, I want to make a video 🙂 Lol. She had clothes on. .. I think.

I wanted to trick the audience into thinking it was this sexy vid and then, you realize, oh they're just waking up. It was a sleep exploitation video.

From there I looked at my video and it was too horrible. But luckily, my friends Adrien & Lizbet Palmer were dropping by and helped me shoot.

Make sure you watch after the credits.

Even though it's a sloppy video. I do love to see the love of years past. I'm A very lucky man.

from VOL 3: Baby, All I got ya was a Bootleg For Valentine's Day, released May 1, 2015 Ezra Vancil - Lyric/Topline/Vocal Raul Rodriguez - drums Mauro Clerici - clean guitar Nicola Offidani - lead guitar Simon Lau - bass Pascal Lopez - Music, drums, piano, hammond, arrangement. Mix & Master by Pascal Lopez Collaboration started 1/ 2/12 Crew

- Thank you so very much Lizbet Palmer for her Camera work And Adrian Palmer both of The Last City Thank you Patrons for making the Valentines video posible by your support

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