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May 19, 2020

A: Airplane—A-Z Of EZ Kicks off

Welcome to the A-Z of EZ. I thought it would be fun to go down memory lane, a 200's down memory lane. These will be songs that have been released in some manner, be it official, or as bootlegs.

Disclaimer: I have not listened to all the songs, I might cringe so bad that I decide to skip some. I also may skip the perfect order. I'm not sure yet. Also, a lot of the songs I've removed from the web, so these will be special releases for now, and will later be only for the backstage members on my Bandcamp.


I don't care what you say
Gonn'a buy my baby an airplane
She may up and fly away
But I know that she'll back someday

Yes I know
I don't care what you do
It's for my baby and not for you
She may up and fly away
But I know that she'll be back someday
Yes I Know

Airplane 1993

Airplane, from my own memory, was probably the most unloved song of the 1993 Gypsy Tree Album. I didn't really care for many of the parts soon after we released it. I think we were just having fun in Cedar Valley Studio (probably in 1991 or '92?), and it kinda stuck with us as a cool title. My memory has some parts that are unclear.

This of course is A Gypsy Tree song. We, kinda like the some bands do, consider all the GT songs equal creations.

Ezra Vancil - Guitar Vocals
Phil Taylor - Guitar Vocals
Bart Sweazea - Bass Vocals
Kirk Sonenberg - Drums

And forgive me Scott and Kirk... I'm not sure, but Think that is Scott Romack (The First GT Drummer) on the drums, Could be wrong.

This is the first time I've listened to this in so long. Even when making the Gypsy Tree Anthology I don't think I listened to this one.

What struck me was the lyrics. It was maybe a foretelling of my future marriage. I did in a sense, as the Sting Lyric says, set my wife "free" ... meaning, I let her go with my blessing, even if it were to find a new love.

I did so knowing that she'd be back someday. And she is. The painful part was that I did not know how long it would take for her to return. But I was sure she would, even if we were long divorced. That's what I thought of listening to this again.

And.. Of course Bart, our bass player then, and my bass player in other projects. I miss having him in this world. It is still hard for me to listen to this stuff.

Enjoy A: Arirplane

2 comments on “A: Airplane—A-Z Of EZ Kicks off”

  1. I've always thought of Airplane as a fun little interlude like "Her Majesty" at the end of the Beatles Abbey Road album lol Everyone I know always enjoyed the little ditty "Airplane"

    1. Ah, haha. ..and that is what I think it was supposed to be. intro to the second half. I think "unloved' because it was never requested like the others.

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