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Thanks for donating..right now we’re trying to raise funds for an album Called love one another. Usually all our music is free to download, purchase or stream to everyone.. but due to “love one another’s” experimental nature, it will only be available to fans. Anyone who donates any amount will get a copy or download and we’ll still working on what/how we will distribute to all the fans on the mailing list which you can subscribe to here: http://ezravancil.fanbridge.com (pleas click the “more” and add your address so we can send you fun stuff!!!)

you can watch a video here about the album..

Here is another video where I talk about how hard it is to actually make a bad ass album:


If you donate to any phase of a project weather fit be a music video, vinyl release your name and link will appear on this page.. and maybe on the product itself. (let me know if you don’t want that!)

More Info on the upcoming project and why the crowd fund was cancled:

My letter after canceling the crowd fund: Why I canceled the crowd fund for love one another 

and I podcasted for each day of the crowd fund..you can find all three days on my sound cloud page 

Thank you to the fans that have already donated towards LOVE ONE ANOTHER..here is what we have left to fund some are wish list with a * and the rest are necessities: 

  1. strings.. *we would like to have strings arranged by the same arranger for promise land album.. but he ain’t cheap. and also to pay the session players.
  2. various equipment/software for actual recording (i.e. DAW upgrades and a mac mini) for the “main” studio located in Cedar hill.
  3. *Various equipment for Ezra’s studio in Dallas (i.e. beer 😉 mic and recording hardware such as mbox pro.
  4. *Mastering of album (we could do this.. aaron is a super star..but.. it is always best to have FRESH ears at the end of a project)
  5. *Music video for various songs from the album.. we have some amazingly “different” video ideas..Ezra could pull this off with iPhones (he is a video editor).. but would like to involve a producer so ezra doesn’t end up in the hospital again.
  6. *Vinyl special short release .. a dream of ours..and the packaging would be quiet unique designed by Ezra and Jim Starr (jim-starr.com) with a few extra’s. This seems pretty impossible with our budget..BUT if you like to collect beautiful things and art OR a vinyl lover.. well..then it might be possible.


You can leave a tip of any amount and it will go to me making more music

you can watch a video here about the album..