ALBUM-COVER-LIVE-DEEPThe NEW album “Live From The Deep,” is coming this fall. You can see it before anyone else. Join the Congregation (free).

The Last Magical Night

Ezra Vancil is an American singer/songwriter based in Dallas, Texas. While in the past he has written and recorded in the rock, pop, and experimental genres, a more mature Vancil has now found a sense of permanent belonging and connection within the community of Americana artists. His life experiences shared in song can be serious and contemplative – touching on themes of addiction, depression, and divorce – but Vancil chronicles his escape from darkness with expressions of hope and love of life that are both inspiring and healing.

After a decade of sever depression and a near deadly battle with addiction, Ezra disavowed his old life of lonely creative seclusion and embraced the community around him. His latest release ‘Ezra Vancil & The Congregation – Live From the Deep’ is a live album representing his own personal experiment in a more communal way of life and also the music experience. The first step in ‘The Congregation,’ was a series of live events. This ‘Congregation event’ was captured on January 17th 2016 with a live audience, and a congregation of vocalist taking part in the music.

Watch A First Look the Single

The Album is not available to the public but I want to give you a first look at this magical night. Use the button below to sign up for The Congregation and I will send you the video of the first single instantly.

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Past Accolades

“You will love the way Ezra lifts from despair into the bottom corners of light”

- Performing Songwriter Magazine

“Upon reflection of this recording, I became fascinated with the beautiful instrumentation and melodies. Their lush compositions sucked me right in.”

- Music Dish

“..a masterpiece of emotions”

- The Music Enthusiast

A peek at the making of Ezra Vancil & the Congregation a live audince, congregation of voices and audience on captured to analog.

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