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Christmas Songs You Probably never heard Spotify Playlist  

Around my house for Christmas, at my wife and children's dismay, Bob Dylan's Christmas In The Heart plays at ear bleeding volume on infinite repeat for atlast 7 days straight. It's the only Christmas album I enjoy listening to besides an occasional spin of the GLAD Acapella project, which isn't really a Christmas album, but my parents listened to it like I listen to Bob Dylan's so it's like stuck deep in the rescues of my dusty old Christmas Spirit. This year I'm going to give them a break. I made a Spotify…Read more

Why we love one another, the track 

LOVE ONE ANOTHER track, available as a bootleg to patrons on

This picture above inspired a whole group of songs that year. An album was planned, with works that were nothing put pure real acts of volenarablity and love in public or private in music and on video. Also the recordings were to be "real," moments, not using studio magic or click tracks, but just some folks playing a song in a moment, some with choir and strings. It was big ambitious project, and it was so close at times to…

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A Few Thoughts On Addiction, Recovery and the Seagull  

I wrote this song, The Seagull, the other day for a very dear friend. He's not just dear to me, but also to my wife and children because I'm pretty sure without him in my life, by my addiction and the spiral of despair it unfolded,  I would be dead... and that is the best case scenario. I was already living a death maybe worse than the kind you get a bouquet of roses with. I was in the active end game battle with addiction and my friend was too. But somehow, through all of the tears and pain, he pointed me…

How A Spontaneous Music Video Might Have Unintentionally Saved My Marriage  

My way of dealing with things is strange to some, I know, but this film saved me and my wife's marriage. So, I have to question the critics of my own life. My wife and I are more content in one another than we ever dreamed possible. I didn't do it for that reason.. I figured there was absolutely no hope in that direction. That's why I looked for hope where I never had before. I just turned off the voice in my head and opened up my heart as wide as I could.

There was no plan, no script, I bought a white board…Read more

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