“You seldom hear records that are full of such intense emotion, the kind of which can only come after some truly life altering event.”
The Music Enthusiast


ALBUM-COVER-LIVE-DEEPThe NEW album “Live From The Deep,” is coming this fall. You can see it before anyone else. Join the Congregation (free).

One Magical Night

I don’t look for perfection in a live performance; I grasp for magic, passion and to be moved on stage. January 17th 2016, in an old venue that I started my career in–The stars aligned and the magic of the night with an audience and the full congregation was captured to analog tape. Look for the Pre-Release of Texas Americana artist Ezra Vancil & The Congregation “Live in the Deep,”  in stores soon. 


Watch A First Look the Single

The Album is not available to the public but I want to give you a first look at this magical night. Use the button below to sign up for The Congregation and I will send you the video of the first single very soon.

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What Fans Are Saying About The Live Album.

“Wow, it is magical!!!”

- Katherine

“That’s really magical. I needed that.”

- Benjamin

“It’s amazing!!!!”

- Carlee

Past Accolades

“You will love the way Ezra lifts from despair into the bottom corners of light”

- Performing Songwriter Magazine

“Upon reflection of this recording, I became fascinated with the beautiful instrumentation and melodies. Their lush compositions sucked me right in.”

- Music Dish

“..a masterpiece of emotions”

- The Music Enthusiast

Until Pre-Release








A peek at the making of Ezra Vancil & the Congregation a live audince, congregation of voices and audience on captured to analog.

Limited Vinyl + Digital Edition

Ezra Vancil & The Congregation – Live from the Deep

To get information on how to buy your limited vinyl edition of the new album “Ezra Vancil & The Congregation: Live From the Deep” sign up with the button below. We’ll send you the info right away.

Digital Edition (included full digital version)

  • Error Of Days
  • Paradise
  • Wild Girl
  • Peace On THe Morning
  • If I Didn’t Know That God Is Good
  • Black Line
  • History Of Love
  • Everybody Leaves
  • Broken King
  • Love Is A War
  • Song Before I Go

A Limited Print Edition of Live in the Deep

As a part of the Pre-Release we will be issuing a limited edition vinyl record + full album digital download. We went to great lengths to record this real and raw to analog tape and there is no better way to enjoy the album than a vinyl copy.

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Recent Placements 

  • (ISC) International Songwriter competition 3 placements 
  • Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Finalist 

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